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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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process payments. the breach occurred between march 24th and last tuesday. chipotle told credit card companies about the possible breach. an emergency drill in marin county to prepare for the new smart train system. reports of another situation at bart involving teenagers jumping the fare gates and heading right towards the flat form. ♪[music] >> welcome to the 9. taking a look outside. gray, cloudy, drizzly. all of the above. living in america. living in the bay area. pleasant today. something that is very american that i got to experience over the past couple of days, jury duty. i was not actually picked. it was a very -- >> more like five days you were there. over the span of three weeks. >> it was a total of three days. i was secretly hoping to be
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picked. it was a high profile criminal trial. talking about the american duty to serve. have you ever done jury duty. >> i have. although i wasn't picked at the final -- i went through the process but never made it to the final cut. >> i made it into the courtroom and peppered with questions it was a homicide case and i knew a little bit about it. they said stop. stop. you're done. that was as close as i got. >> a couple of people said it was on their bucket list, serving on jury duty. i didn't make it this time. death and taxes are two certain things in life. we will be looking at the president's tax reform measure to be released very soon. also here at home in the south bay we're reporting on an assault near san jose state university. a group of women attacked another woman. bart back in the news discussing about what to do about fare cheats, people who
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jump over the gates. we're going to continue our coverage about ann coulter's scheduled speech tomorrow in berkeley. the new york times at this point is reporting that the conservative commentator is hipting she may cancel the event. she told the newspaper, quote, it is a sad day for free speech. she also added that everyone who -- everyone who should support free speech opposed her visit coming to cal. a student group that invited her had announced she would appear tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. coulter herself tweeted last night that she hoped the university would provide an appropriate room for her event. as we have been reporting, there's been a lot of concern about violent protests breaking out. local authorities have been criticized for not doing enough to intervene in prior incidents. >> there will always be somebody who thinks you should have used more force and those who thought you used too much. at this point we're focused on specifically targeting those people who are up to no good.
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>> uc berkeley police were criticized in february for allowing a demonstration against a planned speech on campus by conservative do menta tore milo yiannopoulos to get out of hand. berkeley police officers were accused of standing on the side lins as protesters fought one another during dualing rallies in downtown berkeley earlier this month. another group that invited coulter said it was no longer involved with the appearance due to security concerns. they cited a lack of assurances for protections from foreseeable violence from unrestrained leftist agitators. are you going to hear her speak? yes, to protest. or no, steering clear. looking at the poll results. 16% say yes going to hear her speak. just 6% saying yes you're going to protest. the vast majority, 78% say no, i am steering clear of the cal
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campus. i will be there to make sure that free speech is upheld. i don't care for ann or what she has to say but i fight for her right to say it. >> the home of the free speech movement needs to recall its past and allow venues for opposing speech. >> another person says not going with all of the crazy people who think that free speech thinks it means it is okay to spew hate. >> we will talk about this more in a minute. we will have more responses at 9:30. right now we are joined this morning in the studio by becky city council memo owe berkeley city council member. do you think that ann coulter should be able to speak tomorrow. >> i think that ann coulter and any conservative speaker who wants to come to berkeley. we are home of the free speech movement. that is important that it means free speech for all. >> is it disconcerting from
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university officials to say we can't find the appropriate location until next month? do you think they should make somewhere on campus in a building for her to speak? >> well, the university proposed a one-week delay. i know that the city and the university are both working very closely together with our police department, our parks, our public works. it is a multi, you know, departmental effort from both jurisdictions to do everything that we can to keep speakers safe and protesters safe, to keep the bystanders safe. >> chris, last time why did it seem as if the police from both uc berkeley and also berkeley stood by and allowed all of that violence to happen? we were just kind of watching as the people, you know, pushed stuff into the building, set things on fire. i mean -- >> attacked each other. >> right. >> the man caught on tape punching a woman has not been arrested. >> what will it take for police to actually move in and stop this?
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>> well, i think berkeley has a long tradition of one side coming to protest. we sort of know how to deal with those. having competing protests in which some participants are violent from two different factions is a new situation in berkeley. we're grappling with what are the most effective tools and tactics to use. i think we need to embrace technology and use tools to capture who is doing the violence, to intervene. we need to protect the public and we need to protect the police. we can't just throw the police out there and -- someone said why don't have you one line of police in between the two competing violent groups. well, which side are those police supposed to be facing. >> aren't police trained to do
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just that? aren't they trained to perform certain lines and positions and deal with whatever comes after it? >> i think we are increasing the amount of training that we provide for the police and we're exploring new tactics. during the most recent round, i think we did better than the one before. >> uh-huh. >> in that they were able to confiscate objects that people could use as weapons to beat each other up. i think we need to expand that beyond just in the park. take it away from people in a broader area. in and around the protests. so i think we're evolving and learning how to respond effectively. >> you said in regard to the recent protest that turned violent and destructive, you said the police were excellent in multiple categories. some people find it hard to see violence and say anything about that situation is good. >> where the police were most effective last time was in the park itself. so they -- they set up a fence that kept the two sides at a distance most of the time.
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they conness indicated dozens of weapon -- confiscated dozens of weapons. so they were beating each other with fists. >> you're talking about the potential for more violence and destruction. >> they prevented mostly all violence from happening in the park. where it became more complicated is when the different factions are marching in the streets and you just don't have two. you have the anonymous so- called antifacists who are dressed up to the funeral of facism. >> are you going to be out there tomorrow? that is our question of the day. asking if people will show up. >> i plan to be there as an observer and trying to monitor and look at what are we doing that is effective and what can we do to be more effective. >> have you talked to the chief
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of bliss for the city? is there a plan to help uc berkeley police. >> because the plano owe the partially planned event is on campus, uc police are the primary lead. our police are organizing actively to be ready to assist the university police department. >> or if it spills on to your city streets. >> yeah. and so we are both working together so that they will help us when it is in the city streets and we will help them when it is on campus. >> thank you, chris. representing the area just outside of the cal campus. thank you so much. today president trump is going to unveil his tax reform plan. both businesses and individuals will have their tax rates cut under the proposal. just earlier this morning, the treasury secretary talked about the plan. >> we want to simplifies the personal tags system, lower taxes, and create economic growth. so this is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country. >> doug luzader is in washington, d.c. with the numbers. numbers.
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>> reporter: a comprehensive tax reform is something that one administration after another has talked about doing. can president trump succeed especially given the political environment around here? can president trump crack the tax code? he will take a big swing at it today and it could mean big savings four businesses, families and individuals. the headline will likely be the corporate tax rate, with the plan expected to slash the rate from 35% to 15%. >> if you look at the corporate side in particular, we have become largely uncompetitive because of our rates. >> reporter: it has already been good for market growth. the dow has been on a tear with news of a tax overhaul that could include cuts for small businesses too. what about the rest of us, on the heels of tax season? individual rates could go down and deductions could go up to the point where some would be better off taking the standard deduction over getting a break on mortgage interest. that could have big consequences for home sales and home values. while the president will no
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doubt speak in broad strokes today, members of congress will have to start crunching the numbers. >> we have to see the details. it has to be something that is fair for small businesses as well as large and for working people. >> reporter: and skepticism from some republicans too who worry about where all of that money will come from. especially with the national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars. now the white house will no doubt argue that tax cuts can lead to economic growth that can offset some of the costs. but probably not all of them. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. president trump is vowing to fight a ruling that blocks the executive order to withhold fedora rale funding from sanctuary cities. >> this is why we have courts to halt the overreach of a president or attorney general that don't understand the constitution or choose to ignore it. this is why san francisco had to stand up on behalf of people everywhere be immigrants or
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native born. >> san francisco joins santa clara county in the legal challenge against the executive order. the temporary injunction from the u.s. district judge based in san francisco applies to all sanctuary cities across the country. the order would have blocked federal funding to cities that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. in santa clara county allobe, $1.7 billion in federal funding was at stake. coming up on the 9, a woman found beaten and bloodied near the san jose state campus. the brutal attack now under investigation. a south bay man awaiting sentencing in the murder of a family friend. 2 investigates looks at his claim of innocence despite accepting a plea deal. i am my best. that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge and adding activia yogurt with billions of its exclusive probiotic to my healthy routine. take the activia probiotic two week challenge with me. it works or it's free.
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>> just stepped outside and there is still a little bit of drizzle out there in oakland at jack london square.
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steve, are we going to see any sun today. >> very little. in two days, you will see a lot of sun. hang in there. we are almost through this. light rain continues to move through. no dynamics with it. a couple one hundredths here and there. steve, i think that is in mound davidson in san francisco, if i didn't live here, i wouldn't be able to find my way out of the neighborhood. that is foggy. kevin is in sausalito with a .07 drizzle. still falling as seen in the view towards tiburon. we can see that drizzle. the bands keep moving over and moving over, coming down from the northwest. west/southwest breeze is kicking in producing a lot of drizzle. inverness has had measurable amounts as well. there's not a lot of rain with this. the cloud cover is plenty. 50s and 60s.
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another day where average temps are way below average for this time of year. there is a light at the end of the tub he will. it is called sunlight. not yet. it will clear out tomorrow. late tonight and tomorrow. as one system digs into new mexico, high pressure will send this northward. another day of cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. late rain, fog, drizzle this morning. by tonight, most of it is gone. clear and breezy. and then sunshine and warmer temps kick in for the weekend. you heard me. >> nice. >> i didn't hear you. >> there you go. >> happening in just the next hour, attorneys for 15 victims in the oakland apartment fire will announce they are filing a lawsuit. the fire left four people dead, six others hurt and dozens more without a place to live. the lawsuit is expected to claim that the building on san pablo was a fire trap. and it blocked fire escapes and broken fire alarms and unsanitary living conditions. the lawsuit will seek unspecified damages from the owner and three nonprofit groups that managed the
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building. this morning, 2 investigates is taking a look at a murder case that may be coming to a close. >> the suspect what accused of killing a well known doctor and has accepted a plea deal. he insists he is innocent. >> questions remain whether justice is being served. >> reporter: in santa clara jail, sits 62-year-old david galvez accused of killing a family friend back in 2014. a murder that he adamantly says he didn't commit. >> i'm not a murderer. not a murderer. i don't have no criminal record. record. i never possessed a weapon or owned a weapon of any kind. >> reporter: it was back in april of 2014 at this home on bristle cone court in gilroy. 74-year-old coreis was found brutally stabbed to death upstairs. authorities initially charged her husband for the crime.
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accusing him of hiring david galvez to collect more than $440,000 in life insurance. prosecutors later dropped those charges against the husband after his attorneys. this is video of the families and friends the day that charges were dropped. he traveled to ecuador not thinking that he was a suspect but then authorities went looking for galvez. in 2014, he voluntarily returned to the united states. so why did he return to face murder charges? >> when you have a problem, fix it. that's what i did. i came back here to clear my name. to clear the name of my family. because i did not commit this crime. >> reporter: as ktvu followed the investigation through the years, more questions emerged. complicating this case, according to this police affidavit, on the day that
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doris was murdered, she called 911 to have her adult son be taken away on a psychiatric hold. the affidavit says that her husband had accused the son of killing doris. >> that's what he said. he killed her. what are you talking about? i was shocked. i was shocked. >> reporter: ktvu obtained court records showing the adult son previously threatened his mother and his father took a restraining order out against him. but they never saw the suspect since he had been detained on a mental hold the day of the murder and doris was still alive when the ambulance took him away. fast forward three years, bail set at $1 million and three public defenders later, galvez awaits his day in court. >> i have patience. e patience.
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and my family and friends are supporting me. and giving me that kind of strength. >> reporter: last month according to his attorney, he accepted a plea deal from the d.a.'s office pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter for 7 years. his attorney says that while galvez maintains he is innocent, he took the deal because of his age and health. >> there is an aspect to the case that doesn't add up when you look at what the sentence received was versus what happened to doris. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark isn't surprised that galvez facing a life sentence took the deal. the d.a. likely didn't have evidence to prove the case without a reasonable doubt. >> it is a compromise for everyone. the person that it is not doing justice to is doris. >> reporter: what happened to dori s and was it justice for
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galvez. >> i did not kill that woman. i've been a good man all my life. i've been a good father, husband and friend. >> reporter: doris' husband has remarried and moved to florida. her adult son is at a mental facility in illinois accused of assaulting a caregiver. as for david, his sentencing is on me that 26th. in the south bay bureau, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a rare sight off of the california coast. an up close look at a white shark in action. concern about a netflix series shot in the bay area. the concern that it may encourage suicide among teenagers.
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>> looking at stocks. the dow jones is doing well.
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s&p 500 up a quarter of a percent. pam touched on this last year. twitter stock is up right now. warriors fans, it is your chance to get playoff tickets. 25 minutes ago sales opened up to members of the fan club with american express credit cards. and then coming up at 10:00 this morning, all members of the insiders club can buy tickets. the general public gets its chance at 2:00 this afternoon. the warriors will take on the winner between the jazz and clippers series. we posted more information on the web links section on during the upcoming playoff game the team will celebrate the 10th nerve of the 2007 we believe warriors. the underdog team surprised the basketball world, a big upset over dallas and captured the hearts of warriors fans. several members are being invited to take part in the ceremonies. there is a twist to the story.
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as a member of the we believe team, matt barnes is back with the squad. he is seen as a bridge between the we believe warriors and today's game who are favored to win another championship as they did two years ago. >> we won't forget. kaepernick was honored last night for being one of the most 100 influential people. it includes celebrities, athletes, politicians and more. recognized for changing the world, regardless of the consequences of their actions. >> and it's partly our reporters around the world and in all of our bureaus who are keeping track of who are moving the needle in their field. we asked our former time 100s. they are sort of our scouts and they have strong feelings about who they see making a difference. and often have interesting suggestions. that's why so many of the pieces are written by former time 100s. here is the rising star in my
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field, whether it is microbiology or hollywood. >> the 2017 time 100 list was announced last week. others include simone biles and pope francis. schools across the country are issuing warnings about a netflix program filmed in the bay area. it is called 13 reasons why. it is a program based on a new york times best selling fiction book. it is about a 17-year-old girl who takes her own life but leaves behind audio recordings of 13 people she says were reasons she killed herself. some schools and parents groups say the show glorifies teen suicide and they worry that students will be discouraged from seeking counseling. however show prow decemberers say they are trying to establish a dialogue among teens, parents and teachers about bullying. beyonce is celebrating one year since the release of her mega hit album lemonade by helping young women pay for
9:27 am
college. formation scholars is named after her song formation. the program will offer a scholarship to one deserving student. the four scholarships will be awarded to an incoming or graduate student. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, there's more trouble for bart. the latest questions about security after another incident involving teenagers. machine responders in marin county are preparing for the smart train. this is a live picture from the scene. up next the drill that they're running through. is that ice cream? no, it's, uh, breyers gelato indulgences. you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff. breyers gelato indulgences. it's way beyond ice cream.
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress.
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but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. >> information is coming into our news room by the minute here about whether or not ann coulter is in fact going to go
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to the cal campus tomorrow to give a speech. a highly anticipated speech. we have been talking about it for weeks. we have been asking you in regard to the planned speech tomorrow afternoon, the question of the day is are you going? 16% say yes to hear her speak. 6% say yes to protest. the vast majority say no, i am steering clear. gentlemen, what do you have. >> not going with all of the crazy people who think that free speech thinks it means it is okay to spew hate. causing hate for others. jenny says if coulter fans were truly defending their basic right to speech at cal, the day and time would not be an issue. they just want to ruffle feathers. >> lauren says the home of free speech movement needs to create paths for opposing speech. >> rich tweets i have a meeting otherwise i would go. we are going to stay on top of it. we are getting new information into the news room. now she is telling the new york times she will not show up tomorrow.
9:31 am
we are covering that part of the story. we appreciate your responses. your responses. all right. bart has now released some of the audio recording of a bart train operator just moments after passengers on board the train were victims of a takeover robbery last saturday. >> we had maybe 30 -- 30 kids board my train, beat up someone, rob them, and then run off the train. >> the transit agency has also turned over to oakland police surveillance video from a camera inside of the train. bart says the video provides high quality images of the suspect. so far no one has been arrested in the case. bart's board of directors will take a close look at that incident as well as another that happened just last night. trains were told not to stop at the lake merritt station after a group of teen angers wearing hooded sweatshirts hopped the fare gates. the teens headed down to the train platforms and the station agent alerted police. we talked with riders today and most of them say people should
9:32 am
not be able to ride for free. some worried that it could great barriers for other riders. >> my main concern would be people with disabilities and maybe even small children, would that be an impediment. they need to think about that when they design. i know people riding free is a problem. >> bart's board will talk about these new security measures including increasing the height of the fare gates at all of the stations. that will be tomorrow. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. police in san jose searching fora violent group of women accused of beating up a woman last night right across from the san jose state campus and then left her there bleeding. this happened about midnight at san carlos and 4th street near a fast food restaurant. the victim stumbled towards a corner. that's where first responders found her. investigators say the attackers
9:33 am
believed to be woman in their 20s attacked her with their fists, their feet, and a bottle. her injuries are described as serious but non-life- threatening. in the meantime no arrests have been made in hayward where two men who had been shot were found inside of a car last night near hayward. it happened near meekland and met ford avenues in an unincorporated part of alameda county near 880. the two men listed in critical condition may have been victims of a drive-by shooting. the investigation continues. with the tensions rising with north korea today in washington a full scale terror drill is being held across the washington, d.c. area. it involves a simulated coordinated attack at six locations in d.c. as well as a nearby suburbs in virginia and maryland. this comes as the trump administration is addressing concerns about north korea's missile capabilities. also today in a rare move, all
9:34 am
100 united states is senators are being briefed today at the white house about north korea. those are just some of the morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. a new report shows the number of anti-semitic incidents across the country is on the rise. there were more than 1200 incidents in the u.s. alone. 211 of those were here in california. and that is the highest number reported in any state. across the country, reports are up sharply. the antidefamation league says that california lawmakers are working on new bills that would improve the reporting and tracking of hate crimes. knowing where the problems could prevent the problem from growing. parents and staff at albany high school held a regularly scheduled meeting for the albany school district. the focus was on racist events that date back to last fall. 11 students have been suspended and the incident sparked
9:35 am
protests on campus. >> hitler gestures in the hallways. and as a result of that investigation, they were able to take action. >> the racially charged attacks were also shared online. all of which led to the departure of the principal there at albany high. right now the smart truancies testimonying is being tested in marin county -- the smart train system is being tested in marin county. >> just about 30 minutes ago, first responders began a joint exercise to practice any emergency situation involving that train. >> allie rasmus is live there as the various agencies run through the drills. allie. >> reporter: yes. we're at the golf course, an area near there next to the smart train track. you can see the train that they have here behind us, they are doing a drill here. they are practicing what they would do and how first responders throughout marin county would respond if there
9:36 am
was in this scenario a train derailment. i want to bring in chief michael st. john with the mill valley fire department. what are we looking at here? what are you practicing for? >> so this is a multi victim incident. one of the larger scale ones we have done. we have over 20 victims and mannequins that we're utilizing to show a significant accident where a lot of people are hurt. >> you want to remind viewers that the people you're seeing are not injured. this is a drill. these are search and rescue volunteers who have dressed up and habiting as though they're victims of the train derailment. the bus is on its side because the bus crashed into the train in the scenario. >> that is correct. we have marin's first train in decades. there's a lot of rail crossings. and so as part of the requirement to operate the train, they have to participate in significant drills so we're ready if there is a train
9:37 am
accident. they have allowed us to utilize a train for the real training. >> and every fire department in marin county is participating in this drill, along with the chp and bringing in helicopters. >> that is correct. we are reach and cal star participating. they should be landing here shortly. in addition to that, we have private ambulance companies from vera health and marin county ems. we have all of the major players. we also have the hospitals participating today and they are getting ready to receive patients and utilize different systems that they use when we have a number of injuries. >> now, when these drills are through, do you go back and check your notes? what went right or wrong or what you can do better next time? what are you hoping to learn from this. >> we are a multi patient management plant. a new one. we will evaluate how effectively it works. we will do an after action review. everyone will get together and evaluate how we did. and where we need to improve so we're ready when the real thing
9:38 am
happens. >> we have a mass cam shot that we can show you. tell us where we are. is this one of the more popular train crossings or one of the busier train crossings that you're expecting when the smart trains start running. >> this will be one important train crossing. we have busier ones through downtown but the speed of the train will be high here. mcginnis park is the proper location for it. >> so you will be doing this work throughout the morning. a little later you will have helicopters landing. what is the value of doing this? >> so we can talk in the classroom and look at powerpoint slides. but training in a real environment like this with a real train, crews will have to go through and learn how to shut down the train properly. it provides a realistic based training that makes us successful when the real thing happens. >> reporter: thank you so much, chief. mill valley fire department.
9:39 am
one of the dozens of agencies in marin county taking part in this drill. again, you can hear people shouting for help. they are actors. we want to make sure that viewers are aware, this isn't a real crash scene. all of this has been brought in for the purposes of practicing and being prepared once the smart trains start running what they would do if a reality derailment happened. >> thank you, allie rasmus. there are rumblings of another writer strike in hollywood. fox business network hillary vaughn has the story from hollywood. >> reporter: the writers guild voted monday to move forward with a strike if they don't get what they want out of negotiations with the biggest studios. the writers and production companies returned to the table today and they have a week to figure out a compromise before the writers go on strike. here is what they want. hollywood writers are not happy because their wages have dropped by over 20%. even though the number of tv shows are at an all-time high. writers are making less money
9:40 am
because studios are producer fewer episodes in a season. since they get paid per episode, they take home less than they have in the past. that is a big problem because most have exclusivity contracts that prevent them from picking up extra work. >> two weeks ago there was a 3: 1 ratio between what the writers wanted and the studios were willing to give. that gap has been closed or narrowed in the last few weeks in terms of the parties reaching some agreement on certain points. where we are now in terms of a hard dollar figure is very hard to know. and that's part of what makes it so difficult to know whether we're going down the path to a strike or to a deal. >> reporter: but all of this could add up to a potential late night blackout for viewers if the writers go on strike. >> if there is a strike, what viewers would see is a ripple
9:41 am
effect. the late night shows which are scripted on a day-to-day basis, the monologues and certain portions of the shows, would immediately go to an improv situation and awkwardness. and then you're talking about the weekly shows like snl that could go dark or go into reruns. >> reporter: scripted shows could see debuts delayed. and for this summer, viewers could be getting a lot more reruns and reality tv until writers are able to work things out. but the big winner here could be network tv's biggest rivals netflix and hulu. there could be a boost in traffic as people go online to see shows instead of sitting through reruns. hillary vaughn, fox business. google is making changes in hopes to root out fake news. google says it is committed to doing everything possible to
9:42 am
avoid spreading misinformation, conspire theory, hoaxes and offensive content. it is adding a feedback option, one that would allow users to complain about objectionable and questionable stories. the founder of wiki media is on a similar campaign. the goal is to have journalists file factual and unbiased stories in an effort to combat fake news. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, another questionable pair of jeans being sold by nordstrom. the high price for pants that looks like the pants that my husband is wearing after doing yard work. >> how much are those. >> 400 plus. the story of an american activist who lost her life on the other side of the world. we speak with the new director of my name is rachel corey. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh.
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>> rachel corey was an american activityist from washington. in 2003 she was part of the international solidarity movement where she found herself on the gaza strip. >> you may remember this photograph. that's when she was run over and killed by a bulldozer. >> her story is now being brought to the stage in the show my name is rachel corey. it starts tomorrow in the bay area at the magic theater. joining us is the director jonathan cain. thank you for coming in. i have read that some have called this controversial. some disagree. why are you excited to direct this story on stage?
9:46 am
>> well, i've been in theater for 30 years. it is one of the most beautiful plays that i have ever come across. it is not about her death. it is about her life. and at 23 she was quite an amazing writer. and alan rickman the english actor and catherine vine who is the editor of the guardian took her diary entries and e-mails between her and her parents and turned it into this wonderful play, which was originally done in london, had three sold-out runs and then created controversy in new york ten years ago when the production was canceled. and then we did it in new york two years ago and we want to bring it to san francisco. >> what is the heart of this play? if you had to put your finger on it? >> it is about peace. >> peace. okay. >> it has got a tremendous message of peace. she was an idealist. she was 23. as we see what is going on in the world today, we are still
9:47 am
at war with each other. and she looked at things through this lens of why are we killing each other? why -- i know it sounds simplistic. but why can't we get along? and the play as i said is not about her death. it is about peace and about her belief in the world. >> she accomplished a lot in 23 years as you say. so you do mention her death though at the end obviously. >> yes, we do. >> and you deal with people's reaction to it, do you? >> yes. we found in new york that the lobby was packed every night after the show with people discussing it. and if you're a director and an actor, it is an amazing compliment that got a really great actress charlotte hemming. her father was the english actor from the movie blow up. and every night, standing ovations and multiple curtain calls. >> she is by herself. >> 80 minutes alone on stage. it is quite a feat. >> can you answer the question,
9:48 am
do you think she knowingly laid down her life for peace? >> i don't believe that she -- there's -- the heart of the controversy is did the bulldozer driver see her or not. she was living with these pal stanians and wanted to protect their home -- palestinians and wanted to protect their home. it would be hard to say she wanted to sacrifice her life in that moment. whether the drier saw her is the big point of contention. >> do you think we should humanize real news events more often on stage? >> i think that it is a wonderful way to look at the world's events. and this play is as timeless as it has ever been. it really speaks to the moment. she died in the year 2003.
9:49 am
but it is incredibly poignant and incredibly timely. >> her parents joined certain showings and talked to the audience afterwards. >> rachel's parents, we did readings in sun valley, idaho where charlotte was from and i live part-time. and the family came and they are just wonderful, wonderful people. wednesday night, may the 3rd, thursday night, may the 4th, we will be having talk-backs with the two. those will be special nights. >> i want our viewers at home to know more about this again. my name is rachel corey. it starts the local run tomorrow. we have all of the information that you need to see it on when you're there, look on the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab. and you will find it on our mobile app. my name is rachel corey. jonathan cain, through for joining us. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> all right. >> we will be right back.
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>> this is not a fairytale but a story about the two bears who visited a home in south lake tahoe. fire rescue teams were called to the home to scare away the bears. when the rescue team arrived, the bears were checking out the garage. i'm guessing they were looking for food. the bears appeared to get the message. they ran away. rangers say there are a lot of bears looking for food. there is that yell. there is the bear. there you go. there is the other one. they're out of there. by the way the bears have come out of hibernation likely looking for food. >> we have remarkable video here to show you. a 16-foot great white shark
9:53 am
taking a few bites out of a dead hump back whale over the weekend off of the orange county county coast. the shark we're told is pregnant and whale watchers say the dorsel was so large that they could see the fish a mile away. the shark kind of took some breaks in between the bites here. it would slip into the ocean and then emerge for more. the whale which is named scarlet was well known apparently in the area. last year she was tagged after becoming entangled in a fishing line for six weeks. marshawn lynch could be a member of the oakland raiders by the end of the day. the oakland native and the raiders have agreed on a two- year deal. the raiders and seahawks have come to terms on trading the rights which includes late round draft picks. the only thing left for the running back is to pass a physical. lynch is expected to arrive at the team's training facility
9:54 am
today in alameda. if he passes the physical, it's a done deal. tim the legendary 49ers quarterback -- i'm sorry. the legendary 49er full back will be inducted into the hall of fame this fall. from 1986 to 1993 tom was key part of the 49ers offense. he was a human recollectioning ball as he racked up yards on the ground and in the air. he was recently the running back coach but parted ways with the team two months ago when kyle shanahan was named head coach. the man wanted me to wear bigger shoulder pads and the roll in the back of the neck in high school football. >> how funny. i avoid rolls and you run to the rolls. >> he was a beast. i remember when he played as if it were yesterday. >> it took 11 innings but the a's lost to the angels last
9:55 am
night. a's catcher josh broke up the 0- 0 tie when he hit a solo shot in the top of the 10th. mike trout ties it with the first homer of his career. surprising. anaheim cajon had a single in the 11th to send espinoza home for the winning run. giants and the dodgers last night. the dodgers scored two runs in the 4th and that's all that kershaw would need. the giants lost to him once again. the dodgers winning 2-1. kershaw is now 11-4 at at&t ballpark with earned run average of 1.36. johnny takes on the dodgers tonight at 7:15. i think this is the best play in baseball so far this year. maybe the best play i've ever
9:56 am
seen. it happened during the cardinals and the bluejays game. >> it gets away. racing to the plate. the throw is not in time. >> bluejays outfielder chris tried to score from 1st in the 7th. >> look at that. >> the throw beats him to the plate. ramirez hera mira -- molina is there. the bluejays won 6-5. look at this. >> i love it. >> molina. >> it is like nadia. >> he is thinking what happened there. >> right. awesome. nordstrom we were talking about those jeans. very expensive. they look like they should be very inexpensive. jeans with fake dirt on them that is supposed to show that you're not afraid to get down and dirty. they cost $425.
9:57 am
they are being dragged through the mud on social media. jeans look like they have been worn by one with a dirty job made for those that don't. $425. >> yikes. >> we will sit down with the author of the gate keeper to take a look how a white house chief of staff can define a presidency. i'm glad i didn't make it to jury duty because we will be joined on the set about tavern on the green tomorrow.
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: welcome to hot topics. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: let's go! yes! [ applause ] thank you for watching the show. say hello to your co-host, my studio audience. yeah! [ applause ] you ready?


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